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Quotes from exhibitions.


“Chris’s Photographs are generous in spirit; they express his wonder at the urban and natural landscapes rendered beautifully by the sublime lighting.” ‘Sittin’ in the morning sun.’ Exhibition of Photographs, Demontfort University Fletcher Gallery, 2010.


“Chris’s work encapsulates his free spirit, taking a painterly approach to colour and form, and a sculptor’s eye for spatial relationships and combining them into art works infused with joie de vivre. “ Exhibition of paintings, ‘Home’,

Loughborough. 2009


“Chris’ true drive and ambition flourishes via his physical creative output namely, sculpture, photography and painting.  His natural ability to perceive space as a creative and emotive individual, provides him with a unique understanding of independence and the ability to connect with people in a discerning manner.” Public art commission, Longslade Community College and Anstey Library. A community project working to engage young people with the Arts. 2007/8.


“Chris Wright is a free spirited individual, shackled by the constraints of modern living, who only finds true purpose in life when at one with the elements. Surfing symbolises Chris’ ethos in life, to use the power and natural beauty provided by Mother Nature as a tool for expression and social enlightenment.” ‘Bodhisattva’ part of the Sweet FA exhibition 2000.



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